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Events in and around Palmerston

As the weather cools down and the leaves change color, Palmerston comes to life with seasonal events that are sure to keep you entertained. From family-friendly festivals to thrilling outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy in and around the city.

1. Palmerston Annual Show
The Palmerston Agricultural and Pastoral Association Inc. hosts the much-awaited Palmerston Annual Show. It is a fun-filled weekend for the whole family, showcasing the Northern Territory's rich agricultural heritage through a range of exhibits, stalls, trade shows, carnival rides, and live entertainment. If you're looking to spend a day in the sun, interacting with farm animals, enjoying amusement rides, or indulging in local food, make sure you don't miss the Palmerston Show. For more information, contact the Palmerston Agricultural and Pastoral Association on (08) 8932 1838.

2. Darwin Festival
The Darwin Festival is one of the most significant events in the Northern Territory and is held annually. For 18 days in August, the city transforms into a vibrant hub of music, theatre, dance, comedy, and cultural performances. The festival also features various food, wine, and beer stalls for visitors to indulge in. If you're looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Darwin Festival is a great way to relax and enjoy the vibes of the city. For more information, contact the Darwin Festival on (08) 8943 4200.

3. Walkabout Creek Fishing Classic
If fishing is your thing, then you need to visit Palmerston's Walkabout Creek Fishing Classic. Held every year in September, this three-day event sees fishermen and women from across the region and the country compete for a range of fish species. Aside from the competition, there are also stalls, trade shows, and live entertainment for visitors to enjoy. Whether you're looking to show off your fishing skills, or you're a spectator who loves being part of the action, head over to Palmerston's Walkabout Creek Fishing Classic in September. For more information, contact the Northern Territory Co-ordination Commission on (08) 8922 8900.

4. Palmerston Lions Club Beer Can Regatta
Palmerston's Lions Club hosts one of the funniest and most enjoyable events in the Northern Territory - the Beer Can Regatta. This eccentric event sees contestants building boats out of beer cans, and upon completion, they race them in a lake. The event also includes many fun family activities, stalls, and great food. The Beer Can Regatta is held annually in July and is a perfect way to celebrate the end of the dry season. For more information, contact the Palmerston Lions Club on (08) 8931 2378.

5. Territory Day
Territory Day is an annual event celebrated across the Northern Territory on July 1. The day commemorates the Northern Territory's attainment of self-government in 1978. The day is a free celebration with fantastic food, bands, fireworks, and plenty of other exciting activities. Palmerston hosts a range of events, including live music, a car show, roller derby, and more. For more information, contact the City of Palmerston on (08) 8935 9922.

6. Lone Dingo Outback Adventure Tours
If you're eager to explore the Northern Territory and be closer to nature, Lone Dingo Adventure Tours offer various tailor-made tours exploring Palmerston and the surrounding areas. Lone Dingo Adventure Tours specialise in 4WD, camping, hiking and fishing tours. Whether you're looking to visit the Top End's national parks, go fishing in remote locations, camp in secluded areas, or experience the adventures of the outback, Lone Dingo Adventure Tours have you covered. For more information, contact Lone Dingo Adventure Tours on 0422 522 481.

7. The Escape Room
If you like puzzles and challenges, The Escape Room in Darwin is one of the most exciting events to participate in. Assemble your team of four to six people and work together to try to escape from elaborate and challenging themed rooms. The Escape Room is the perfect activity for families, groups of friends, corporate retreats or team-building activities. For more information, contact The Escape Room on (08) 8941 5940.

Palmerston offers a wide range of events in the cool seasons to keep you entertained and engaged. So whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, adventurer or just someone looking to have a blast, you're sure to find many amazing things to do. So ensure you contact the respective offices and organizations above to get started on your next seasonal adventure in Palmerston and the Northern Territory.